Hello world!


That seems as good a starting point as any. So whats this then and why should you read it?

Well, I’m not sure I know the answer to either of those questions, if you are reading this at all I should be grateful, I mean you could be doing so many other things but the fact that you even are bothering to absorb my ramblings is very good. I’m not expecting fame, fortune or even infamy from this, it is just a place for me to spout vacuous crap that maybe a few people will agree with or maybe not.

A little bit about me for those who are interested. I’m 30 and a white male, so marketing bods I am in a certain demographic. I am opinionated but I’d like to think that I change my view based on facts presented. Major influences, friends, family, Bill Hicks. (I do not think I am as funny or articulate as Bill so I will not be using this blog to imitate  anyone) I could go on listing comedians under influences but that would be boring so I won’t.

I am a Mac fan boy. So expect postings about the joys of Mac, however I was a PC user up until 2 years ago, so I can still see both sides. People are free to choose what things suit the way they work/play, if Apple made things that didn’t suit the way I wanted to work I wouldn’t use them (no iPad for example) what I’m tryna say is I’m not a badge/label whore.

No doubt if you have the misfortune to come back this way again, you will learn more about me and what I think. Be very nice to get anyone reading my stuff so if you have got this far. Thank you. Stay tuned for further instruction.


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