JBJ vs Steve Jobs

So Steve Jobs killed music.. according to Jon Bon Jovi. Hmmm am I right to assume that JBJ will give back his royalties earned for music sold in iTunes. If he is worried so much about iTunes ruining the experience of buying a physical CD why does he not withdraw all non-physical forms of his music. Money.. that would be the main reason.

However I believe JBJ has a point. There is something special about the CD or vinyl for that matter, but to blame iTunes for it’s demise is a little silly. iTunes just made it very simple to legally download music, keeping JBJ et al in the money. Before iTunes even had a store Napster was doing a nice job of allowing people to obtain music. If iTunes, Amazon, HMV.com etc  hadn’t come along people would still be obtaining music online, but from the dark alleys of filesharing instead of the virginal walled garden of iTunes.

I have friends who are proper music guys, both love the vinyl (and they like playing records too!) They also both have iPod’s, so what I would say to you is, the choice is still out there. If you want JBJ greatest hits on CD go but it at the store, or at iTunes, it’s your call, your experience. Ultimately nothing to do with Steve Jobs who just happened to open a successful online music store.

Stay tuned for further instruction.


One comment

  1. Napster and other filesharing programs were around for years before there was an online store to buy e-music. Music companies and retailers were so late to the party on MP3s any one in the music industry has no right to complain about the industry.

    At least ebooks seem to have gotten things right.

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