Japan: The Redmond Approach and the Cupertino Approach

You can only express deep sympathy when it comes to our Japanese brothers and sisters of the world. Their loss is great and of course any support the rest of the world can give at this time should be offered. After all it is the least we can do. It is a very human tragedy.

Microsoft’s Bing division has donated $100k to the aid effort. For this I applaud them, or at least I would if they had not done it like this.

Yes that’s right, people dying, ba-da Bing, lets make it into a marketing opportunity. Well done Redmond. Yes they retracted it but only after complaints, it worries me that people would need to complain about such a thing. It’s almost as if Redmond couldn’t see the human angle. Some people lost their lives some Microsofts own customers, those who share the same planet as Bill Gates, and Steve Ballmer seeing everything they hold dear being swept away by the forces of nature. But hey it’s OK because Bing can find it again.

Microsoft found $100k under one of Ballmers sweaty butt cheeks and sent it to the needy. Meanwhile over at the Tokyo branch of the Cupertino camp this was happening. Apple to the the aid of the people, feeding people, caring for their staff and families and people who had nothing to do with the company.

This is not a marketing gimmick, this is a huge multinational company showing the human side, seeing the bigger picture. Because most things in life, least of all death, should have a dollar sign placed upon it.


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  1. Good point. I don’t think i’ll be doing my searches on BING again. Actually i’m not sure i ever did? Does anyone? If you are using Bing searches, please please, tell us why, we really want to know. Help is on it’s way to you. For every advantage you list as to why Bing is a better search engine than say, google, we will donate one bollock. Hopefully, in time, we will gather a load of bollocks.

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