Midsomer Multiculturalism

Ok first things first. TV is not real life. Nothing you see on TV is real, aside from live sport. Even the News is edited to display the agenda of the networks, the reporter or the agency that made it available.

That being the case that TV is not real should we expect it to depict a realistic view of life, be it rural or urban?. Probably not. So what type of society should it display to us the great unwashed. I know.. it should depict a world where all people are represented fairly and equally. Lead by a fictitious example.

So TV in the future where all is fair and equal.  Dr Who will be played by a blind woman, the companion will be replaced by a black lesbian guide dog. Daleks will be jewish but not at all worried about wanting to rule the universe. Life on Mars (the good UK one) will be re-made Gene Hunt will be re-writen as a metrosexual who fights crimes against fashion, because in fair and equal world there is no real crime.

This of course will never happen. Firstly because it would not be at all entertaining (aside from the metro Gene genie) and secondly it would remove the viewer from the story because they would have nothing to relate to. (The role of the companion in Dr Who)

So TV being an entertainment medium carries on discriminating against everyone and no-one cares or notices, after all it takes us out of reality for a while and if we miss a second we always have Sky+ the iPlayer or Dave. At least no-one cares unless a writer admits that TV isn’t real and does discriminate then all hell breaks loose.

Granted Mr True-May’s choice of words leave a lot to be desired and his inflated view of the place in TV history of Midsomer is laughable but the whole thing highlights the fact that TV cannot be all things to all men or women. If we focus on the pigeon holes in which society has placed us.

To come at it from a different angle, Richard Pryor used to use the “N word” throughout his comedy routines in the 70’s. 1979 he visited africa resulting in:

We are all citizens of the earth. Individuals within it, with our own likes, dislikes, beliefs abilities, disabilities. We all look different, feel different. Those differences should be celebrated, however they must not be used to divide civilisation. A man or woman should not have their humanity prefixed with a label. A human being, should not be a black human or a disabled human. Just a human, dweller on earth. If we were all just people first Midsomer wouldn’t need to be multicultural, unless the cows in the fields were able to write in and demand bigger parts.


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