Phone? What’s a phone?

Ok this is a first for this blog. So welcome to the future. This is the first posting written entirely on my smartphone.

Usually, I’m sat in front of my freshly re-furnished Mac, full of ideas and inspiration (by which I mean beer) but not today I am fully mobile & holding in my hand something which is a more powerful computer than my last HP PC laptop which gave up the ghost 2 short years ago. This I think is pretty cool in itself.

When Dr Martin Cooper invented the first mobile phone 1973 he couldn’t possibly have imagined where we’d be today.

People no longer use phones to phone, not primarily anyway. I can right now on my lunch break at work, use my iPhone to watch TV. In 1996 I was amazed by text messages. I have no clue what will happen in the next few years, no doubt apple & google do. we can but wait.


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