Shh it’s a secret

The following was written by me and posted on Facebook Notes… where no-one ever looks. So it’s fit for a 2nd airing here…..

We live in a world where governments lie, official secrets and scandals swept under the carpet everyday. Nothing new. However people, the man in the street doesn’t seem to want to keep secrets anymore from anyone.

People tell people what they think the instant they think it, wether it be their boss their sister, their wife or girlfriend. No secrets. Hang on, are there some doubters reading this. Ok people don’t have the guts to tell people what they think directly oh no. They write it on sites like this. Status updates like wildfire, groups for everything. Every mis-informed hastily formed opinion often based on hearsay and hoopla, plastered up high with the name of the person who wrote it and the people who at that second agree with them.

So what’s the problem?

Well we have all said things in the heat of moment that we later regret. The trouble with the status update or the tweet that is the second it is posted it’s there forever… oh yes you can delete but not until after your followers have seen it and maybe just maybe re-posted it on their page.

Sometimes folks it’s nice to keep a secret. Sometimes people don’t wanna know it all, especially if they haven’t seen you in the flesh for 20 years. Sometimes it’s nice to lie, “no your bum doesn’t look big” pre-facebook was just a statement over in a flash. Now it’s John Doe: That dress is hideous ass huge… click here to see.

So for all the people that facebook et al has re-united how many relationships and reputations has it ruined all because of a drunken status or group founding that in days gone by would have just been kept secret.

So sometimes just sometimes think it don’t post it… and yes I am aware of the irony of me posting this here but then I am a member of the “One rule for me another for everyone else” group….


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