Split the world

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Do you have a “inny” or a “outty?”

Do you drink? Do you smoke?

Were you born on a Tuesday?

Who cares? There are several people who do. It is very important to them. Who are they? the FBI? Interpol? Your own personal stalker? Well maybe… But these people are worse, they don’t even know you either. They offer you shiny choices, new aspirations and popularity. Sounds good doesn’t it.

Everything we do, every choice we make in life, makes or loses money for someone. Thats fair enough, I mean if I were to come to your house and mow your lawn I’d want something in return. Money is a handy token to display gratitude. What if however, I had mown your lawn for 5 weeks and you then decided to save your money and do it yourself. I’d lose out on the cash. What if there was something I could do to persuade you that me, mowing your lawn improves your life. If I make a good enough argument I’m back in the money.


Amen Mr Hicks. Under the guise of freedom and choice everything is marketed. We are split into handy groups, moving with ease from one to another without even knowing it. Being controlled.

I’m a hypocrite, for I too am in a demographic. I too market myself. I market this blog. Some of you may even be here because of my shameless self-publicising. This however is a little different from me telling you that this blog was brought to you in association with Coca Cola. Coca Cola is a huge multinational with a large range of interests. If they are giving me money to write, I am hardly going to be impartial. I would lie so as not to upset my sponsor and to continue to receive my cash. So wheres the issue?

The above video (if you watched, you’d know) Contains the same routine Bill Hicks recorded for the Letterman show. It didn’t air it was pulled at the last minute. Was it offensive? Was it not funny?


It contained a segment on the pro-life movement, who happened to have paid the network for a ad break within the show. Hicks died shortly after the show aired (his bit excluded)

Marketing kills creativity. It has all but ended free thought in the modern world.

Drink Coke.


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