Rooney the role model

So Wayne Rooney.

Football talent of his generation

Chavmeister General. Shrek. Granny Fucker, illiterate scouser. Role model

Is he any of these things? Well they are all up for discussion. But thanks to the handy title of this section I guess you already know I would like to discuss the role model Rooney as portrayed by the media.

By Tsutomu Takasu [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Firstly lets clear up my agenda, I don’t support Man Utd, I don’t particularly like Wayne Rooney as a man, or at least what I know of him. I do not think I could sit down and have a pint with him and enjoy it. I could be wrong after all I am only basing my opinions of him on what has been reported. So there are my football cards on the table.

This past weekend, Mr Rooney scored a goal for Man Utd, not a remarkable blog worthy incident after all he is a professional footballer, a striker at that. To blog about that would be that same as blogging about a plumber turning a stopcock. It is what he is paid to do. However during the celebration (Rooneys not the plumbers) Rooney swore directly into a TV camera.. 3 times!  The incident was broadcast live on Sky Sports (without bleeps) and has subsequently been repeated more often than a episode of “Two Pints…” on every news bulletin on every channel.

Now, swearing it’s not big and it’s not clever. Additionally if you are a public figure on TV before 9pm you’d probably do well to avoid it all together. Is it the worst thing in the world though. I mean Trevor McDonald on News at Ten got himself in a terrible twist reporting on the “Kent Countryside” Did anyone die?

Aha I hear you cry “Yes but think of the children!” Yes the children. Those bright eyed innocents who imitate whatever they see and whatever footballers do… well yes they do that to a certain extent, but when I was 10 I liked Gazza. I didn’t reach for the nearest pair of fake breasts. Will children swear because Wayne Rooney did? Maybe, but of those who do I think will have used the language before. One thing you can’t accuse Rooney of is extending the vocabulary of the nation.

Some of those children may have missed the original broadcast, whilst out playing or watching iCarly or whatever you do when you are 8-12. Luckily thanks to the blanket media coverage those kids who missed it have probably seen the bleeped version and filled in the gaps, or in this tech savvy world found it un-bleeped on YouTube.

Rooney is a idiot of doing what he did. Largely because the point he was trying to make was lost and he has lowered public opinion of himself in seconds throwing the media more ammo. Those who are holding up Rooney as a role model must surely take a look at the relationship they have with the  youngsters in their lives. If you are a parent, can’t you talk to your offspring.

“Rooney is great at football, but he was wrong to swear don’t you think?”

Or simply “what do you think?”

You as an responsible adult in a young persons life have more influence than any footballer should ever have.  If it different than that it’s hardly Wayne Rooney’s fault.



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