All Hail the Lizard Queen

All women knew it would only be a matter of time, the years of burning bras have finally paid off. Men are surplus to requirements. At least for Lizards. (Note: If you have never seen a lizard in a bra you haven’t been to the same parties as me)

Yes science bods think they have isolated the self cloning mechanism is some species of Lizard. We appear to be a long way away from it’s application in humans, but please indulge me in this knee jerk reaction.

Men of yesterday were fools, denying the woman the vote, keeping little woman at home and giving her a jolly good slap if she burnt his crumpets. (Stereotype ahoy) So due to this foolishness men of today, in the western world at least, have been left to pay the price. Equality is an excellent idea, on paper. But so is communism and that doesn’t work either. Quantifying words at the ready.

Everyone is individual, some women may enjoy a domesticated role, cooking, cleaning etc. As may some men. Some men actively pursue careers in childcare or nursing, roles that were traditionally laid out for women. Women play a valuable part in the armed services. All good, free choices of the individual, except when things go wrong.

If there is a woman shot down the line of duty, much is given to the fact that she was indeed a woman, like she (as a trained solider) was defenceless and shouldn’t have been shot. If a woman is taken hostage, she is automatically portrayed as a damsel in distress.

If there is a incident involving the children in the care of a man, he will instantly be viewed as some kind of Michael Jackson tribute act. A predator with a internet connection and a bag of sweets.

Which brings me to pop princelet Justin Bieber who I believe at the current time of writing is 14 and 3 quarters, (I haven’t checked)  When he first came to prominence I  overheard a group of middle aged women at a bus stop, discussing in graphic detail what they would do to him to rock his world. This is acceptable apparently. Yet if a man was to say similar things about a girl of comparable age the police would be called.

If a man sunbathes in his own garden nude, and a woman sees and reports it. The man is arrested for indecent exposure. If the roles are reversed the man is a peeping tom.

The Man has disappeared, his role in life has been absorbed by modern woman. In the name of equality. Some men have been emasculated to such a point that they now are the ones buying makeup and “product” to do their hair. The last bastion of man appears to be at senior management level, but real power is with their wives, mistresses or PA’s. Just ask Silvio Berlusconi or Nicolas Sarkozy. (Or Carla Bruni’s husband, a man so famous I had to Google “French President” to remember his name) Powerful men, surrendering their power to women!

So the lizards can get on fine without men. Human women appear to have been getting on without men for years. Good for them.

Now go and make me a sandwich, there’s a good girl.



    1. Thanks very much mate.. as you know I wasn’t sure how this one would be received your feedback is a gift!

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