Poem: Oasis of Right

Image, by Kotasik. Wikimedia

When the world is so wrong,
When the road is uphill,
When your plate is empty,
Before you had your fill,

When those around
swear that your black, is white,
And you have no more strength to push back,
And fight,

When common sense,
Is knocked out on the floor
When your palm can hit your face no more,
When you wanna scream so loud you’ll wake the night,
You need to find an Oasis of Right.

You’ll need a friend, at least one for sure,
Someone who’ll help you shut the metaphorical door,
Fend off the bullshit and cut to the chase,
Maybe put a smile on your face, make your day a little more bright,
For minutes at least in the Oasis of Right.


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