Sophie Rocks

We have all had one of those work conversations that turn into semi-rants. After all work throws people together who often have nothing in common with each other. People whom without the common desire for money you would never meet. Some of those people you wish, quite simply, they would fuck off and die. Others you get on well with in spite of or maybe in part, because of the differences and the banter that comes out of gentle conflict!
The following is an except from an email that was the result of one of those conflicts.

It began a little like this: “Rock people are hostile and defensive when it comes to music”

My reply follows:

The reason why rock folk are a trifle harsh on mass market music lovers is a lot to do with airplay in the UK.

Pop music is force fed to anyone who wants to listen to the radio, take Reading, England as a locality.

We have:
Heart FM (a non-local, local radio franchise) Output, Chart music (excluding metal, rock)
Reading 107 (Local radio) Output, Chart music (excluding metal, rock) and chart stuff from 90’s,80’s
Kiss 100FM (depending on where you are in Reading) Output (Urban, Garage R&B)
CapitalFM, Chart music (excluding metal, rock)
Radio1 (National) Chart music (excluding metal, rock unless you stay up until 1am on a Friday, when there is “The Rock Show”)
Radio2 Middle of the road stuff
Radio3 Classical
Absolute Radio: Celebrities play Coldplay.

I have evidence for the exclusion of rock/metal:

Metallica’s most recent studio album went to Number 1 in the UK album chart. Airplay.. virtually zip
Gaga latest goes to number one.. played to death
X factor, goes to number one.. terminal saturation!!

Where is the space for balls out rock? No-where
No space for blues, motown, folk, country, electronica, anything pre-1960.. no-where. (Digital radio has two rock radio stations)
Yet we have 5 chart based choices. This doesn’t breed varied choice in music, there are so many good things (of all genres) that never get heard because of this. You say you don’t like rock, well that’s ok but Pink Floyd for example is extremely different from Aerosmith, who are different from Black Sabbath etc etc

Sorry it’s gone a little blog like this hasn’t it. I told you not to get me started on music. This by the way is in no way trying to sway you, but a window into my world of being bombarded with something you hate every single day!

Rock on!


At the time of writing Sophie still has misinformed musical tastes, it is an affliction that is widespread. Fellow sufferers of Cowells Disease and the irish counterpart Walshism, need help. Please give generously.



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