Poem: Closer World View

Dear Younger Me,

Don’t look upon me,
Judge what I’ve become,
My world view changed,
Became more self contained,
It’s not that I don’t care,
Energy now is lacking. Don’t you say I don’t fight,
I do.
Oh I do. But I pick my battles.
Sometimes even fighting against what you believe,
Hold dear,
As I say.. I’m still you, but with a closer world view.
Please don’t let blame linger,
For mistakes you are yet to make.
Don’t worry we don’t kill anyone
The moral code that binds you
Is now a little frayed at the edge.
Things you say you’ll never do.. Well
I’ve done. Don’t shout… please.
I regret some of them now
Some not so much
Some I’d like to change,
But that is to dwell, which you mustn’t
Not for too long, can’t change. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to.
Still existing, trying to live.
Take care now.



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