Nearly New Year.. Really New Name

Slowlycreepingdeath has died. What can I say it crept up quicker than creepy was expecting. So the One Button mouse reigns supreme. As always. You see Microsoft just don’t get it.

I have been known to be somewhat of an Apple fan boy and yes the number of products I own that were born in Cupertino and now the name of this site bear that out. However what may come as a surprise to some of you is that I want Microsoft to succeed. Not in a mass market high turnover way, although this would accompany it but in a technological way. I want Microsoft to produce products that “just work” I want them to produce a Windows Phone that does have technology to rival the iPhone.

I want Google to keep on not being evil. Bringing out many different deserts that give iOs a run for it’s money. I want Samsung to make quality handsets, HP to make great laptops with instant on. HTC to manufacture handsets that inspire their many users.

No honestly no sarcasm.

I want Microsoft Office to lead the world in more than units sold. I want the suite to be so easy to use that everyones Grandma could produce those sales figures. Database administrators would be free from the tyranny of the “query” because the management would know how to produce their own stats without needing to hard code anything. Ok this isn’t possible now, but isn’t what every tech company should be aiming for, ease of use, to enrich the user experience so that they spend less time learning how to get to that all important end product.

No-one wants a computer. In the same way no-one wants a whisk. You need a whisk to make an omelette, but it does it’s job without much thought from the user. Indeed even if you’d never ever seen a whisk before, one well spent second watching someone using one would give you advanced whisk certification for life.

Microsoft and Apple are both companies founded by geeks. The difference being one company had the forethought to realise that the geeks never get the girl, because geeks are seen to be moody and inaccessible. So how does a geek get laid? Switch on a charm offensive, look good, stay healthy, be friendly, easy to get along with and keep all that geeky conversation to a minimum.

So what happened to the geek who had none? Well he produced excellent software, shrewdly investing time, energy and money into projects that attracted other male business geeks. These other business geeks, forced their employees to use the products produced by the geeky project and everyone made a whole bunch of cash. The barren geek employed other geeks to enhance their products and year on year more geeky features were added until the whole pile of frustrated geekyness became rather unwieldy. Producing great technical products that are time and time again hampered by the inability to understand how people (not geeks) work.

In short I want Microsoft to get laid!

In long terms. I want someone to rival Apples “wow” factor, you know produce the tech that gives the world a hard on, not just geeks. Focus on the user, what they are doing, instead of what they are using.

Everyone wins. Competition is healthy.


  1. I loved the title Slowlycreepingdeath. It’s one of the things that attracted me to your blog, though I understand it may had been a barrier for some people. As long as you keep on taunting the ridiculous, I’ll be by your side. New Year, new title. Happy 2012!

  2. Now you tell me!! I’ll watch the faithful depart in their droves!!
    Thanks for your support and readership. Hope 2012 brings us fame, fortune and the courage to maintain artistic integrity!!

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