Poem: Perpetually, Barely Alive


I drive to work each day,
I park between the lines,
I swipe to gain entry,
I’m even late sometimes.
I reach to call the lift up,
Pressing button five,
Upon arriving on my floor,
Uncertain if I’m alive,
I express my morning greeting,
To team, with reluctant sigh,
They ask uncaring really,
If I’m OK.. I lie.
I boot up my computer,
A password logs me in,
I await a further century,
Before I can begin,
My mind it starts to wander,
About others just like me,
About when we all stopped dreaming,
About what we wanted to be,
A time before the bills came,

Power to dream, time on your side,
Time passes…….controlled by someone else,
I can’t remember what happened,
Let me out
Let me out,

I swipe to gain freedom,
The air upon my face,
Remove my car from between the lines,
One day more in the rat race, But,
Races are exciting, rats trying to survive,
All the office workers striving,
To be perpetually, barely alive.



  1. wow, that was really good. in the back of my mind, i always fear one day i’ll find myself living a mundane life… not that its so bad, i just prefer dreaming. i hope one day i can live those dreams. 🙂

    1. See my dreams are still there too, just the mundane hits them with a sledge hammer!! Thanks for liking, thanks for reading!

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