(BDYBIS) Special Que?

If I could take 16 seconds of your time. Watch this.

Ok “wouldn’t it be nice if we focused less on the number and more on how the fit made us feel.” Says the nice lady. This advert is in the UK by the way, same ad different accent. Yes it would be nice if people, women in particular focused how how something made them feel rather than what size it is. Good for you Special K please continue.

“Take the special K challenge and slip into size sassy in two weeks.”

Whoa whoa hang on. So it would be nice if people focused less on what size they are by focusing on what size they are. OK. Once they have eaten your “not very much lower in fat than Frosties cereal” they will be slimmer and therefore radiant, confident, ooh Lala or va va voom. Because chubby girls can’t possibly be confident.

I wrote many moons ago that I feel the media treatment of body image is terrible. (At least curves are celebrated on Page 3) I’ve seen this advert once or twice on TV, and looking it up on You Tube finds several different language versions. It says politely “You are a fat bitch, you have no self esteem nor should you. Your whole perception of happiness should be based upon fitting into some jeans.”

I have nothing against folks maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To make themselves feel better and get fit. But to base this on slimming down, and saying you aren’t basing it on slimming down just takes the piss.

I really would rather have a bowl of Coco Pops.


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