(BDYBIS) Be De Ya Day

And I nearly didn’t remember on the 21st night of September. I was going to write something fantastic because it is the day mentioned in the song that kinda inspired this crazy blog fest. However I don’t feel like writing, I feel like death warmed up right now. (Well not quite that bad.) I wonder where that phrase came from, I envisage some necrophiliac microwaving a cadaver in the same way a teenage boy can heat a melon.

As a result of me feeling lousy, this post is off the cuff and not at all planned out, so if you have read this far bravo. iOS 6 mullered my iTunes match, so I had to take my iPod Classic to work today (1st world problems) I had a bit of a Classic love in. The iPod Classic was once the musos Pod of choice storage in abundance. Now it’s the Pod Apple would like people to not want. It hasn’t been refreshed or bumped in many product cycle, yet it’s there dependable, when iTunes Match just won’t cut the mustard. Mine has been dropped, stood on and in a steamy bathroom, yet it keeps me rockin in the free world. iTunes Match is great when it works, but it has forced me to do a factory reset. After much geeky pulling of hair out all looks good.

Sorry this is a bit like a fucking diary entry. Never wanted to do that.. “got up… took a shit” I mean who the fuck cares, who cares about my opinions, but at least those have some artistry to them. Pretentious much!

Apologies for crapness of this post. Long week. As it’s Ba De Yah Day let me leave you with this video. I hope my normal standards of quality (along with Apple’s) will return soon.


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