(BDYBIS) Monday AM

Why do we do this to ourselves? All the promise of Friday night gone, Saturday but a pleasant memory (unless you are a Reading fan) then Sunday. A day that is always preoccupied with something else. In the morning, you might be recovering from a hangover, then bang, at about 1:30pm maybe 2pm you suddenly remember that it’s Monday tomorrow. Monday a day maybe full of pointless stats and work cretins, that of course just might be me.

You’d think that with modern technology and flexible working Monday morning would be a thing of the past. What with everyone wanting to maximise productivity. Why isn’t Monday morning just part of the weekend? At least until 11am then everyone will come in and hit the ground running, instead of what happens now:-

If you like your colleagues, Monday morning is spent making coffee and finding out if Fred indeed put up his shed.


If you don’t like your colleagues, Monday morning is spent trying to ignore most of what Fred is saying or so help me god I will kill you and bury you under the floorboards of that newly stained shed.

By 11am the psychopath in me will have calmed down, aided by a relaxing lie in, no traffic on the commute and I will be civil even to Fred, even with his stupid voice, poorly thought out opinions and overpriced shed.

Claim your Sunday evening back. 11am Mondays for all.


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