(BDYBIS) Fiction: The Troop

All there was to do was wait. So that’s what I did. Nerves running high I swear at one stage I could feel the blood flowing through my veins. Surrounded by morons as often is the case. It would be up to me to be the game changer, the brains behind the operation. So much planning had gone into this. So much time.

Out of the five of us, only three now remain. David, poor David he couldn’t stand the heat from day one, yet he lasted until the third week of preparations. I think it was the pistol that finished him. He couldn’t aim it right his timing was off and it ruined the impact of us as a troop. So they let him go. Shame really he did some great things on our first tour that will stay with all that witnessed them forever.

Due to recent events the spotlight was now really on us. We had to succeed, millions depended on us everyday. All those smiling faces in their homes. I knew if we had one off day that was it. We had been warned once before, that was why Mikey left, he’d been wearing his kit during an unfortunate webcam incident. The press got it and boom. Not quite front page news, but even footnotes on page 43 can kill you in this business. Images like that in the wrong hands could of ruined so many lives. I am pleased Mikey left, one less moron to deal with.

The time was nearly upon us. The stage was set.

As the band struck up, one last check of my kit.

Red Nose: Check
Facepaint: Check
Fuzzy Wig: Check
Big Shoes: Check
Water Pistol, loaded and ready.

Time to face the cameras. It’s showtime.


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