(BDYBIS) Yowser, The End of Amelia Pond

The Angels have taken New York, and I’ll try to write another Doctor Who related piece without any spoilers for the millions who haven’t seen it yet (cos they ALL read my blog) But it is well documented that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill were leaving life on the TARDIS behind to pursue other acting roles.

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. I mean after all this is TV and I am macho man. But Mr Mofatt you did it again, blub mode was engaged. This episode features several bits where you will go “What? How did that..” but people if you think hard enough everything is explained. Most of it by the standard “timey-wimey spacey wacey” but explained none the less.

Amelia Pond, first companion of the Moffat era, child chef of fish fingers and custard. Adult Flame haired sex pot (ok my weakness for redheads instantly made me warm to her) she has been through the mill during her time with Doctor, aged, met her daughter as an adult before she met her as a baby, went blind, was a goo like generation of herself, married a centurion, put up with a man in a fez.

Amy and Rory. Much better than any TV romance in history, c’mon Rory waited two thousand years for her. Most guys complain whilst they are waiting for ‘er indoors to get her knickers untwisted. TWO THOUSAND years! How? Spacey…

In my previous piece on the Doctor I wrote that Oswin the new companion was already a interesting character. If she is half as interesting as Amy it’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

No spoliers sweetie… hmm just watch it already!

This episode teaches us, it’s dangerous to read books, cherubs aren’t always cute and the statue of liberty isn’t very pretty close up. People will complain about this conclusion, as to compare it to previous companion exits it’s not as “paint by numbers” as before. It would seem that people hate TV they have to think about. Unless it’s American, then it can be as confusing as you like!

Most genuine Whovians will love this, as it is a great end to two great characters. Tennant era fan boys will hate it. I don’t care. Bring on Christmas, for three things. Turkey, Roast Potatoes and the Doctor.

Bye Bye Pond.


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