Spirit of Adventure

Lots of people write blogs about their various travels to glorious places, where they take fantastic pictures with cameras worth more than I would get if I sold one of my love spuds on eBay. Jealous much? Maybe. But then again maybe not. I love looking at the pictures, there are some spectacular places in the world. Do I want to travel there? With the plane journeys, spiders, and mile long hikes only to find the view is obscured by fog. No not really.

Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant (creators of the Office) have made two series (seasons) of travel shows for people like me. “An Idiot Abroad” for those who haven’t seen it is where they send Karl Pilkington, a man who shares my view on world travel, to all these far flung places. Then they film his views and reactions, to be fair Karl looks at things in a unique way that I could never get close to, so maybe it’s not a good comparison. But there is common ground.

It’s not just travel. I do not like to take risks, I like to plan my fun night out, I hate surprises, I’ve never taken any drugs stronger than ibuprofen largely because I’m not sure how they will effect me, no anti-drug crusade here. I know that my friends from time to time must get frustrated with my inability to go for so much as a coffee without consulting my calendar.

What is to be gained by spontaneous actions? Whenever I have thrown caution to the wind it has come back and smacked me in the face. There is a reason why the term “grasping the nettle” exists, in my experience all you get is a swollen hand and a spontaneous afternoon in search of calamine lotion or a dock leaf.

There must be something to it, otherwise no-one would do anything. High risk strategies pay off in lots of areas, business for example. The iPad when it first launched was high risk, all tablet computers had failed and now look at it. Perhaps some of you are actually looking at it, Hello there iPad blog readers! I guess that’s why I’m never gonna be Steve Jobs.

Spontaneous actions drive progress. Travel broadens the mind, enriches the soul. But without the planners of the world, the progress would stagnate because the inventors of the “next big thing” would have already moved on to the “next next big thing” leaving early adopters in the dust wondering why they brought what they did.

Sometimes I yearn for adventure, but then the nerves kick in, and I have to consult my calendar!

I’ll leave the adventures to these folks! They take better photos than I could dream of!

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