Shiny Happy People

“Hi there!! How are you?!! That’s Amazing!! Great!! You have a fantastic day”

Makes you sick doesn’t it.

Now don’t get me wrong, naturally happy bubbly people are great to be around. There are people who genuinely care as to the well being of their fellow man. The few people I have met who are truly like that enriched my life no end. (One person in particular was so genuine her outward beauty wasn’t lost on me either.. hmm… oh. Yes writing) I will never be a happy bubbly guy.

I am a miserable curmudgeon. However if I enquire about your well being it is truly genuine. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t ask. There does seem to be a trend for faux caring or concern. Fake over familiarity is a close relation to this phenomenon, I’m looking at you Starbucks. My name? Why yes.. it’s Rancid Overpriced Koffee.

This over positive fraud does not enrich the world. You look deep into the eyes of the perpetrators when they are saying “HI THERE!” for the 50th time this hour, they are dead inside. They know you know their greeting and well wishes are not meant. They go home and kick their cat, just to balance out the negative yang to the plastered on ying smile they show throughout the day.

There are occasions where even the frauds are genuine but just like the boy who cried wolf it’s very difficult to believe them. I’m not even sure if they believe it themselves. I used to know a guy who when you asked him how he was he’d always say “Amazing” first time I asked I thought wow that’s good. By the third time I thought OK. There was no forth time. I stopped asking, after all if you are going to lie what is the point. Thing is, something fantastic may well happen to him one day, when it does there will be no reaction from anyone he tells. His Amazing has become everyone elses “OK thanks”

Communication is precious. It is more powerful than weaponry or money. Every single fake emotion you dilute your in to communications makes your opinions or messages you try to communicate get less and less valid. Until eventually no one listens and all you are left with is hollow vacuous meaningless “That’s Fantastic”

Have a nice day now. It’s amazing that you read this.

By KenBerthold (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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