The Second Piece of Pandemonium!
Almost makes me ashamed to be male… almost!

A Piece Of Pandemonium

Emily Davidson locked herself in a cupboard in the House of Commons on the night of the 2 April 1911. The following day she could register on the census form that her residence at the time was the House Of Commons, legitimately giving her the right to vote and she became the first female in the UK to do so.

I find it incredible that little over 100 years later, women are still denied the right to be deemed equal to men. When I look around my workplace, yes women are there, but we are all at the lower end and anyone who has made it to the top is seemingly a dragon. It seems that in order to succeed you have to act like a teenage boy by marking your territory at every meeting/ conference call with juvenile behaviour, leaving behind any female qualities, as these are seen as weaknesses in the eyes of senior men and you…

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