(28DW) Flash Fiction Experiment

The following is a flash fiction experiment. I have intentionally not included anything but dialogue. It might be very crap. At best it’s pretentious and for that I make no apologies.

“But that’s besides the point.”
“Besides the point, that is the point.”
“You forced me to do it..”
“Forced you? The whole thing was your idea.”
“Yes but we know from experience I would never have actually…”
“But you did…”
“Let me finish Woman..”
“Woman?! What do you think this is 1955?”
“Oh my god, you are just so frustrating..Save me the vagina monologues”
“Oh yes I’m sorry you were in the middle of blaming me for everything.”
“OK OK.. maybe you aren’t solely responsible.”
“Damn right I’m not.”
“We both agree it had to be done..”
“Well if both means you then yes. Everything was under control.”
“Under control?”
“Loaded gun to the head is under control now is it.”
“I was negotiating.”
“He was about to shoot you!!”
“That’s why I was negotiating. So he didn’t.”
“How would that have worked out do you think?”
“Well we’ll never know now will we. Idiot.”
“I save your life, storming the room and I’m an idiot”
“Well yes. He can’t tell us anything now can he.”
“If I’d left it longer, no-one would have been able to tell you anything. Ever”
“Maybe he wouldn’t have been able to pull his gun if you had frisked him properly.”
“…OK granted I didn’t do that..”
“No you didn’t. And here we are.”
“Yes.. is that all you can say. We are finished.”
“That’s what I love about you. Optimism.”
“Well I am sorry if my glass is a little half empty. We worked so hard for this, tracked him for months. All night stake outs, meticulous planning. And you.. You come in and do the full Bruce Willis.”
“Yippee kai..”
“For fuck sake!! How in the hell did you make it through training?”
“With flying colours..”
“Yeah, well that speaks volumes of the agencies training courses”
“Your part in this mission has not exactly been covered in glory.”
“Shut up.. Just shut up..”
“Why? Why should I?..”
“He’s gone… the body is gone…”

Please check out the (much better) work of my 28DW pals at The Resident Weeble and A Piece of Pandemonium 


  1. oh my god!! I am laughing, I had one running like this the other night, but I got confused when I hit three characters. Awesome try its great!!

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