(28DW) Undo: Microwave Oven

Never used the daily prompt for motivation before, so I thought I’d give it a go. Just this once. I’ll bring you my own brand of bollocks tomorrow. The daily prompt that caught my eye was Undo. If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

If I could un-invent something it would be the microwave. Why? Well because as Steve Jobs once said about the netbook “it’s not any good” when it was first introduced it was hailed as the cooking device of the future. But all it is used for now is to reheat things and cook the odd jacket potato. Badly.

Photo Christian Rasmussen http://apoltix.dk/

If the microwave had not been invented it would have encouraged people to look for something else that is better, something that produces nicely cooked food. Ready meals would exist in the society we live in today but they would be optimised for oven cooking, producing much better results.

The microwave oven has had a huge social impact on the family unit. Before the radioactive turntable was introduced into the kitchen there was a definite “dinner time” the family would gather around the table and argue, whereas now because they can all eat or reheat whenever they choose your average family is now forced to argue via text or twitter. Face to face family communication in all seriousness is something we are all lacking in the modern world.

If the microwave ceased to be, it would encourage millions of people to learn to cook, proper food, me included. Because beans on toast gets boring very quickly. Up-skilling millions of the worlds population, a kind of X-Factor audition for the next Gordon Ramsey but in your own kitchen and not televised, thank fuck.

It would save the economy because the pre-packed microwave convenience food is either quite expensive or dirt cheap and full of horse. It would encourage people to buy local fresh produce, bringing the cost of this down, because more would be harvested. The health benefits would be immense because the salt content of microwave foods are very high, also the physical activity of preparing food for 20 mins a day should not be underestimated.

Downsides I suppose are, horny teenage boys will have no place to make their watermelons more womanly… office workers will not be able to heat up last nights curry (this might result in proper work canteens).. Sterilisation of baby bottles in the home are much easier to do with a microwave…. Rustlers would go out of business.

Say no to the microwave… I wish I could.. but I’m lazy. Someone pass me that Red Rum lasagne.

Please check out the work of my 28DW friends at The Resident Weeble and A Piece of Pandemonium Both of whom thought that making a Jeremy Beadle joke at the end of this piece would be ill advised.


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