Writemare Before Christmas (WMB4X)

Yes it’s another blog-a-day for a month. Set your spam filters now. I am attempting this with my usual partner in crime the Resident Weeble. Who also came up with the name. So what can you, dear reader, expect in the coming days. More of the same no doubt, however a few topics I have in mind are, reviews of the iPhone 5s and OS X Mavericks (with my usual pro Apple spin!) what it’s like to be a disabled driver in the UK in 2013, something about Netflix I think. Sprinkled with a liberal supply of fictional pieces and general claptrap.

I will probably re-visit topics I have covered before. But as a lot of you haven’t been through my back catalogue it should all be new to you!

Be sure to check out the Resident Weebles page. His pieces will be infinitely more entertaining than mine (no pressure!) feel free to berate him if he fails to produce a blog-a-day! Not me though eh.. cut me some slack I’ll make it worth your while!

Get those legs in the air and brace yourself for WMB4X

This is not related but I could watch this all day



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