(WMB4X) Give Opinion a Chance

I like a good documentary as much, if not more than the next man. That’s one of the many reasons Netflix is so good lets be honest if you are perusing your local HMV a documentary blu-ray is hardly the most value for money. These are usually one watch affairs.

One documentary title available on Netflix is USA vs John Lennon. This documents the period where John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged a few bed-ins to promote the cause of world peace. Because of this activism the FBI held a file on Lennon as a “threat to National Security” they also tried to deport him. Of course in hindsight if they had been successful in that action he would have probably still been alive, as in 1980 when Lennon was shot dead gun culture in Liverpool was as rare as a parked car not up on bricks.

Watching this film got me thinking (as all good films should) Lennon was using his public persona to promote a cause which he believed in. He scared the authorities enough to use american tax payers cash to tap his phone and follow him. Although his personal exposure was raised by this action and record sales were not harmed, I believe this was not the primary purpose. It was always the cause that was forefront of Lennons mind.

Who have my generation got to speak out against the worlds wrongs? Well Bob Geldof yes. Bono?

Strange thing is about Bono. You never hear him going on about political causes when U2 don’t have a album out. As such everything he does has a rather self serving nature to it which de-values the charitable message.

Are they “my generation?” probably yes. But what of the current crop of starlets experiencing that space cadet glow. One Direction, Beiber et al. Nothing off message is aloud. Record company puppets not allowed so much as pube outta place let alone have a strong opinion about any cause. Non opinionated blandness sells. Look at Coldplay.

No opinion doesn’t offend any demographic so it maximises profit for the record company. Music since the beginning of our species has been an important tool of opinion and expression. This period in music is similar to the malaise that existed in the early 60’s America. Bland middle aged men singing songs written in a hit factory, about loving the girl next door and being polite to her Ma and Pa.

The Beatles and that man Lennon stepped off a plane and shook that all up, This generation needs a voice, someone to fill the vacuum. Someone to give a toss. Someone to give peace a chance.


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  1. That man was a violent bastard who abused his family and blamed the world around him. He wanted to sell albums and cash in. Young people look for someone who challenges authority and the fact he spent a lot of time high as kite and not with the real world probably added to his appeal.
    There are artists today who speak their mind and fight for their causes, battling with the big shots of the music industry and for the bigger picture; Paloma Faith & Charlotte Church spring to mind.

  2. This is indeed a side of Lennon that most people don’t realise, granted. But away from his personal life and in the public eye at the time, he was doing a singing about things that made truely influenfal changes on the world as a whole.

  3. Thanks both for your comments. I am far from a Lennon fan boy. I thought I’d use him as I’d watched the film. Dylan was billed as a voice of a generation, and he was. Although there are artists today who do some fine work, I still feel there is no-one willing to go as far as Dylan and Lennon to promote their chosen causes without promoting albums or tours

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