(WMB4X) Cupid Stunt

We’ve all done it. That’s what people say. You drop the Mona Lisa and someone will say “we’ve all done it” I do wonder if everyone’s level of despair is the same as mine. When I’ve made a mistake that feeling can stay with me for months.

Take now for instance. The commute to work. I’ve been very lucky to just get a new car. Me being me, I piled into the nearest kerb and punctured my tyre I am now waiting for the RAC (roadside assistance) I feel so unbelievably stupid. Genuine hatred for myself and my inability to drive. If I could go home and cry I would.

Alas I am supposed to be heading to work so tears and tantrums will have to wait (at least til I’m there)

I guess it’s not ineptitude that gets me. I guess it’s another form of frustration. Something that engulfs my life. Walking, driving, sexing. Hell it’s only on some occasions I’m good at sleeping.

I know we all do stupid things. But it doesn’t make it any better. In this aspirational modern life, the pressure to succeed first time every time is ever constant. The slightest fuck up and we are replaced by someone with better qualifications and nicer teeth. Anyone willing to hold their hands up and say I failed may as well top themselves. Hide it or face facts that they won’t get another roll of the dice.

Is that a good thing? Does it promote higher personal standards and raise us all up by our bootstraps. Or does it teach us never to enjoy the things we have done well at to bask in the glory because even the greatest success could have been better. There are now record numbers of people on anti-depressants comforting right now because it means I’m not the only one that wants to throw myself off a kerb (well I mounted one so I gotta get down again.) But surely that means two things, 1. There are doctors over prescribing and 2. Society as a whole is on the face of it unhappier now than ever before.


Well if I knew that I wouldn’t be such a cupid stunt.


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  1. Don’t worry, not long ago I punctured a tyre on one of those blocks of wood people to get their cars up the kerb.

    Ok, so you also punctured a tyre but I bet you didn’t lock your 2 year old daughter in the car during the same ordeal and have to call the fire brigade.

    That wasn’t a good day.

    1. Thanks mate.
      Yes no firemen called. Mind you at least with the doors locked you can’t shut little fingers in the door. Not that I ever did that!

  2. Heh, you reminded me of the time we tipped my friend’s van over into a light pole while doing doughnuts in the fresh snow of a mall parking lot. Of course, the difference is we were 18 and doing something stupid for the fun of it and knew it. Getting the van upright again without calling for help and explaining ourselves just added to the fun.

    You’re still doing better than my former roommate, in one night she managed to crash a horse and carriage (that she was the driver of) into over 5 parked cars and when she got home she failed to put the car in park before letting off the brake only to hit the landlord’s car. In her panic she hit the gas and shoved that car into the one parked in front of it. Our cure for her nervous breakdown after my other roommates and I sorted everything out was a lot of vodka. So yeah, one flat tire due to a curb is nothing, happens everyday. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re better than that.

    Also, you spell “curb” and “tire” funny. 😛

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