(WMB4X) Change Yes. Ideas Required.

The world in general, it’s been broken for a long time in one way or another. On a day on which we remember our fallen who died defending our country and way of life. Also our thoughts turn to those who continue to fight now in largely political wars over oil pipelines. It’s just not working.

I can agree it is broken. A fact which Russell Brand highlighted in a recent Newsnight interview. Which I have to admit passed me by when it aired. (Thanks to Piece of Pandemonium for drawing my full attention to it.) Here it is in case you missed it too.

So we acknowledge the problem. What Mr Brand fails to do is suggest any viable way of changing things, declaring a rather child like revolution. Then saying that he doesn’t have to come up with any concrete plans for the revolution because there are people more educated than him to do that. Let’s talk to some of them instead shall we?

This is not supposed to be an anti-Brand rant, but one final thing. He states the Occupy movement made a huge difference. It did not. A bunch of un-washed unemployed students and overly political comedians waiting for a gig, sat around outside not disrupting anything did not achieve any of the goals they set out for. Surprising for such a bunch of well organised folks!

Doug Stanhope, a comedian with more sense than most, offered some advice for the Occupiers at the time.

Brand makes the mistake that all the revolutionists of recent times make (those speaking from established democracies) they plead for change, expanding a futuristic vision how it will make the world better without a clue how to get there. Thats easy.. thus:

“I would like to live in a big house, with a beautiful girlfriend who will blow me on demand. Because there for I will be mellow all the time I will give millions of pounds to charity and solve world hunger.”

Sounds great. Meanwhile, I’m single, on the bones of my arse in rented accommodation contemplating getting a rib removed so I can reach. No idea how to get where I want. The goal is the easy thing, it’s having a clue how to begin to get there from where we are now that is the key and no-one can offer even a semblance of a workable plan.

Even worse than that is that when people start to ask questions of the revolutionary plans they get accused of being “brainwashed” in the case of The Venus Project. If we cannot question or criticise is the society really going to be better off?

People will always be greedy. Want more for themselves and their clans. That is how the human race has survived, we are programmed this way. There will always be people who have more, people who have less. Change will always be called for, because it is hypothetical it will always be better than the actual because it is easier to maximise the positives and dismiss huge negatives larger than the plot holes in Russell T Davies Dr Who stories.

Change yes. Ideas required.

Fancy a change the Resident Weeble has a plan


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