(WMB4X) Fiction: A Mothers Love

For WMBB4X The Resident Weeble and I have done another writing challenge. The section in green was written by the Resident Weeble my challenge, finish what he started. Enjoy.

It wasn’t a visit from a police officer or an official letter that told her. It wasn’t a phone call or even a text. Jenny saw it, just like the rest of the population, on the news.

After 14 years, Jenny’s one time lover was being released from prison. This was no ordinary prison release, this was news worthy. After new evidence had come to  light it was concluded that Fredrick Millbury  was innocent of all charges against him.

Jenny looked at her husband eating his dinner as he watched the news story. In the past she’d had her doubts that he had known about her affair with Fred. Looking at him now, she at least knew for certain, he never knew it was the man now on the telly.  

The thumping noise of footsteps hurrying down the stairs made Jenny’s heart skip a beat. And as her teenaged son opened the living room door and announced he was going out, she saw his eyes flash with contempt and knew a yet another thing for certain. Fred was his father.

Jenny switched to autopilot when she said. “Don’t be back too late Son.” The face of the man from her past still playing on her mind. She needn’t have worried Jason had slammed the door shut on the “D” of ‘Don’t”

She felt the blood drain out her face as she slumped down on the sofa next to her husband.

He didn’t notice her ashen expression. He now had remote in hand flicking through the multitude of channels looking for something vaguely entertaining. Just like most nights he found nothing so settled back with the News. For him just like any other night, beer, dinner, TV before crawling up to bed to begin the whole thing again tomorrow.

Jenny wanted to talk to him, Now was the time, she needed to tell him. She almost felt the words queuing up on her tongue to escape. She opened he mouth to speak.
“Do you want a brew love?” she said. Surprised at her own lack of profundity.
“That’ll be great.” he replied only briefly taking his eyes off the TV screen. “Any of those biscuits left?”
“I dunno I’ll have a look.”

And with that and the short journey to the kitchen, Jenny’s confess all impetus was gone. Until she heard her husbands voice faintly over the noise of the boiling kettle.

“Fucking amazing these days how they can do that to someone for 14 years, then say oops made a mistake. Free to go.”
Jenny peered round the kitchen doorway “What you going on about Mike?”
“That chap on the news. Poor fucker, 14 years in clink and he didn’t even do it. Looks like a nice guy to me.”

This was too close to the bone for Jenny. The word queue on her tongue became a word stampede. “He was, I slept with him.” she heard herself saying.

“What? The guy on the telly?” Mike replied more than a little confused.
“Yes the guy on the telly.” said Jenny who had now stopped peering round the kitchen door and perched on the arm of the sofa.
“When? When you was a kid right?”
“No.” Jenny began to well up.
“When then?”
Jenny sobbed.
“When? C’mon darlin it ain’t that bad they said he was innocent. Don’t get upset.”
Mike placed a big arm around her shoulder.
Jenny pushed it away.
“Don’t you get it? I was with him for three years before he went inside.”
“Thats just after we got married…. Jesus Jen”
“I know. I’m sorry.” Said Jenny tears flooding down her face.

Mike slumped back in the chair with a quizzical look on his face. His head aswim, he sighed a deep sigh.
“Is that it?” Jenny said. “A sigh”
Mike remained silent. Looking into space.
“Mike for fucks sake. Say something.” Jenny pleaded.
“And just what do you want me to say.” He said softly. “You may as well be a stranger. I sure as shit don’t know you anymore.”
“Oh god no. Please don’t say that.” Jenny begged now literally on her knees in front of him.
“Why Jen? I thought you were happy.”
“I was. I am. I.. I.. Can’t explain.”
“That’s fine then. You break our marriage vows for reasons you can’t explain. Wow I’m glad you valued what we had so much.”
“Mike please.”
“Please what.” He snapped, more animated now. “Would you have even told me if this cunt wasn’t on the news. Was it like oh ‘loverboy in trouble. Better stay with hubby.'”
Jenny moved her hair from her face and struggled to her feet.
“It wasn’t like that. Not at all ”
“Hey look Lover boy is back on TV.” Mike said sarcastically pointing to the screen.
“Oh please turn it off.”
“No, I want to hear every last word.” He said holding a digit firmly down on the remote to increase the volume.

On the screen outside the high court, surrounded by a mob of photographers and reporters, some of whom had written headlines calling for him to be hung 14 years previously, Frederick Millbury stood and spoke.
“I have today been cleared of all charges.” Boomed Fred’s voice amplified by Jenny’s TV. “I hope today to be able to begin grieving for my dear Mother who’s killer is still on the loose.”
“Cunt lost his Mum.. boo fucking hoo” Mike interrupted.
“Mike. Such a terrible thing to say.” Jenny said weakly. She looked at the screen. At Fred. His hair seemed to be white, nicotine stained and receding. Instead of the thick steely grey she remembered. His face was also thinner than she recalled, his eyes were deep set and dark, in stark contrast to the grey hue of the surrounding skin.
“Although I am grateful for my freedom nothing can replace the last 14 years or the loss of of someone so dear to me.” Fred concluded.

A mass of flash bulbs and a barrage of indistinguishable questions followed as Fred and his legal team walked away. A policeman, top brass was now the cameras focal point.
“On behalf of the County Police, I would like to offer my apologies to Mr Millbury. New evidence recently became available exonerating him of all crimes. We continue to investigate all leads and hope to bring his Mothers killer to justice.”

Mike snapped the TV off.
“I’m going to bed.” he said. “I’ll get some things together tomorrow. Fuck knows what we’ll tell Jason.”
“Mike,” Jenny said. “There’s something else.”
Then there was a knock on the door.
“I’ll get it.” Mike said leaving Jenny alone. He returned less than a few seconds later. “Jen there is a Policeman here to see you.”

Please visit the Resident Weeble’s blog today to see my start for him. After all he’s the type of fella you would be proud to introduce to your mother.

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