Fiction: Apartment 3386

I seem to have always lived here. Apartment 3385, Sunview, just off Gosling and Forth in the depths of the Big Bad city. She lives in Apartment 3386. She moved in three months ago and she has driven me to distraction ever since. She has long dark hair and a face that made me, even with my atheist leanings, want to believe there was a God. From afar I gazed into her eyes, I think they are light blue.

In the city guys like me do not approach girls like her. Mace stings. I do however, see her twice everyday and at night in my dreams. She’s a good girl, the pushers come calling to the block at least twice a day, dealing their pills and potions. I ain’t never seen them stop at her door. Me, I ain’t perfect. I let those bastards in long ago, now I just take whatever they offer.

Usually my highs are very high, and the lows, well let’s just say if I trusted the light fitting not to come away from the mould marked ceiling I wouldn’t be around. That’s changed since she appeared. I see her, when I go to get my mail in the mornings. Always a vivid vision, her smile lights up the hallway and wakes me up much more effectively than anything the pushers offer. For those few brief seconds in the hall I can marvel at her figure, pert perfection flowing effortlessly into curves that would make a Coke bottle jealous.

I don’t know her name. Of course I checked her mailbox, but the name plate is blank. The way she moves it should be something regal although this place is about as far from a palace as it’s possible to get. Screams often echo through the interconnecting passageways. No-one calls the cops, head down, keep quiet.

Quiet and still until the pushers come.

When the deal has been done, I see her again. She passes my door and casts a beautiful silhouette that is the only part of her that has entered my apartment. I have nearly called out to her, but I fear I’ll scare her away. The pushers have done their work and I am far from my best. They said she’s not good for me. Those white coated bastards said they would make her disappear.

I reached out. I tried to warn her. But soon she was gone.

I would have cried. Had I not been “medicated” as they called it. I am screaming inside.

I seem to have always lived here. Apartment 3385, Sunview Institution just off Gosling and Forth in the depths of the Big Bad city.

Castle Village 120 Cabrini Boulevard building from west


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