About SudoOne

Sudo: Super User Do. It’s a UNIX terminal command, SudoOne merely a geeky play on the phrase So do one!

So SudoOne. Your salvation, your sanity check. I go mad so you don’t have to. Having said that I’ve found of late my writing tends to be more a reasoned argument as opposed to a rant.

I do mostly opinion pieces, some of these I’m sure you won’t agree with, but it would be a boring world if we all thought the same things. If you disagree with me please comment as who knows there may have been something I missed… like the whole point.

Occasionally I will enter into the world of fiction or poetry, any such attempts at “art” will be signposted and you can give them a miss if required.

Thus far I have engaged in three blogging challenges Ba De Ya Blogging in September 2012 or BDYBIS where I posted everyday for September 2012, 28 Days Writer (28DW) where I did the same thing but for February 2013 and Writemare Before Christmas, for November 2013 For 28DW I enlisted two of my blogger friends A Resident Weeble and A Piece of Pandemonium. I suggest you go visit their pages after this one, I am only here to make them look good by comparison..

On the whole, thanks for stopping by. Thanks for reading this, please comment like or even Follow if you a glutton for punishment.

If anyone wants to contact me outside of the blogosphere please feel free to email sudo_one@icloud.com or on twitter @Sudo_One

SudoOne March 2014


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