28 Days Writer

It’s back. From the maker of BDYBIS. I bring you dear reader 28 Days Writer (28DW) In which I will attempt to write something of high art (or a fart joke.. most likely) every day for the month of February in the year 2013.

Why now? Well why not BDYBIS brought me a fair few new followers. Yes I am in it for the recognition. LOVE ME! I also found the experience quite enjoyable as after day 10 ideas began to flow. Additionally February finds me at a bit of a crossroads (don’t worry I’m not gonna write some god awful piece about finding myself)  so it might be helpful for me to write to distract.

As a cunning twist this time around I have invited my blogging pals at A Piece of Pandemonium and The Resident Weeble to embark on this challenge with me. So maybe there will be some counter argument pieces written. We might all hate each other by the end of it. You as a reader must sit back relax and enjoy, and hope that any friction produces something like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album rather than Axl Rose’s Chinese Democracy. (not that the latter is that bad, it just took ages and Axl changed his personnel more often than he changed his very tiny tiny pants)

28DW Not so much a project as admission of madness.


Slowlycreepingdeath (resurrection)

Hello loyal band of wordpress followers. Slowlycreepingdeath has returned, because this name change has lost me lots of page views.. I wanna be famous god dammit. Nah I want people to read my stuff though. To that end I have moved.. as an experiment to blogspot at not much there at the moment.

This page will remain, I might even return in due course.. deleting pages is stupid.. I know that now!