Crazy Ones

Pass the Bucking Trend

Tuck that shirt in straighten that tie. Do this. Don’t do that. But you should have gone at break. That’s not what it’s for. Leave our desks nice and tidy. Don’t be late. I don’t like your tone. Don’t let your chair stick out. Put that phone away.

School days eh. The happiest time of your life.

Except the opening paragraph lists things that have been said to me or work colleagues at various places and in some cases are written down as regulations. AT WORK! Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a slacker when it comes to work. Well no more than the average, nor have I ever done a job where I am client facing. So no-one should really care if I wear a shirt with (now wait for it… this is offensive) a LOGO on it.

I have a contract of employment. I am an adult (just!) I produce the work I am asked to do at the levels I am expected to do it. Why then am I treated like I’m in a classroom, if I have my lunch at my desk I am half expecting someone to pop over and tell me that I “Must eat your sandwiches first” Whilst we are on the subject of lunch… anything is allowed unless it requires utensils to eat it with. Pigs at the trough are we.

I have never understood the need for over regulation. Yet there will always be the people who need it. In all walks of life, people who need to be told not to drink bleach. If these kinds of people are employed, anywhere, do organisations not need to look at the recruitment policy, rather than regulating (and annoying) the staff who are perfectly able to achieve without being told what do to and how to do it.

If you read back over these articles there is a common theme to most of them. I believe that people of the world are losing the ability to act without someone telling them what to do. At work people need to be told to work, told what to wear. At home they take on the opinions of the TV personalities as there own. We all should be as true as we can to our convictions. Sometimes we will be wrong, sometimes things will blow up in our faces. When that happens three little words should be uttered.

“It was me.”

Then the applause should begin. That person had courage of their own convictions, went with it. It didn’t turn out, so what. Regulations and school yard level office politics, did not shape this world. They only inhibit the efforts of the majority to compensate for the inadequacy of what I would hope to be the few.

Here’s to the Crazy Ones