Poem: Save Me From Silence

They’ve gone,
Alone now,
Beautiless, Ugly reality left,
Progress a distance memory,
A cruel reminder of what has past,
Save me from silence,
Save me from still,
Save me from what might return,
But i know never will.
Never too good at standing tall,
But now a part of me is gone,
The silence remains.

Facebook Closed

This is gonna be one of those pieces. The equivalent to me saying “I’ve been shopping” or “I had a big poo” Actually the poo statement might be interesting, but both topics aren’t really blog worthy.

Maybe this topic is worth a Facebook status update rather than a fully fledged blog piece:

Sudo One: Closed my Facebook LOL 🙂 🙂


As you might know from reading my bits (ooh err) I’m not exactly social, so why I would I be on social media. Well when I joined Facebook was a simple place, full of simple people (My friends!) Some people I went to school with, others I worked with, the usual crowd. I along with all my friends would update statuses with the usual bollocks, it got liked, commented on or ignored. Bit like the blog really, come to think of it I did use the “notes” feature to blog a little. It was a place to waste time with your friends, communicate without saying a word.

Now Facebook has become less about the communication and more about photos, games, recording social events. Encouraging people not so much to enjoy moments in their real lives but document them, using timelines. Photos are endlessly tagged, something you did in 1983 and are ashamed of is scanned in and pinned to your timeline for everyone to see. So the spell of cross dressing I had as a 3 yr old is now known by everyone at work.

I kept it for so long, partly to promote this ere blog, partly because I have some friends overseas that I don’t contact anywhere else and partly to play poker for imaginary money. That was it, I got annoyed by the prattle of some people I used to go to school with, I was pleased that some of them made well, but from the rut I am stuck in I didn’t really wanna have to be pleased for them every day! (Hey I’m not perfect)

My wall slowly became full of ads, game requests and witterings from people I hadn’t seen in 20 years. About as much use as a communication tool as a megaphone in a toilet cubical. You hear at first but get ear ache quickly. Twitter was a breath of fresh air in that toilet block!

Twitter is still a communication tool. Like Facebook was, before it tried to be all things to all men. Don’t get me wrong Twitter still has it’s fair share of shit, by once you get the hang of it, it’s entirely your own fault if you end up with a feed full of shite!

Final straw was when Facebook imposed the timeline upon me, made my photos a focal point. I hate photos of me, hence the cartoon avatar here! And I haven’t even written anything about personal data security.. DAMN IT!

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