Enjoying the now. You wouldn’t think it’s difficult would you? To enjoy what you are doing, live in the moment. Before I started writing this I was thinking it was just me, but all of us to some degree fail to grasp fully the wonderful things that are occurring. Right now.

Modern life doesn’t help full of distractions and noise. Long time readers of this blog (thank you and that ambulance outside is probably for you) will know that I love my tech. My iPhone much to my bosses displeasure hardly leaves my sweaty palm. But does it let me enjoy my life knowing that a footballer I follow on twitter is talking to another footballer about “Take Me Out” yet I consume.

I have been to many a gig. The focus for many now is not to let go, be absorbed in the music but to video it in full HD, so they can enjoy it later. The later that never comes, or the later that you only enjoy when one of your fellow gig goers dies. Then you’ll sit and look at it and go, “remember when you filmed this.”

Contentment goes against human nature. We will always want more, faster, higher. It’s what has moved us on, moved us out of our caves. But the human race has pretty much gone as far as we can now, and the reality is that most of us aren’t gonna make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things.

Recently I have had good cause to try and live in the now. I find my myself making plans, plans that would be amazing, but plans that I know I actually have very little control over. These plans then take my focus away from what is happening now, robbing me of not only an unlikely future but an exciting and inspiring present.

Enjoy the now, after all you probably planned this moment ages ago..

Thats how to enjoy the moment.

Quest for Immortality

Everything will kill you. If you read the news these days, drinking, not drinking, smoking, eating, not eating. Eating the wrong things, eating the right things. You should of course refrain from doing anything otherwise it will be sure to cause imminent death

Since when did the purpose of life become immortality. If you enjoy smoking, smoke. Be considerate to those around you when you do it so it doesn’t effect anyone else. I’m not suggesting you spark up a “fat one” in the middle of a kiddies ball pool or that you blow smoke into the faces of your attendees at the anti-natal group. You might get cancer but then so might I a non-smoker. As Bill Hicks used to say:-

“I have something to tell you non-smokers that I know for a fact that you don’t know, and I feel it’s my duty to pass on information at all times. Ready?. . . . Non-smokers die every day . . . Enjoy your evening. See, I know that you entertain this eternal life fantasy because you’ve chosen not to smoke, but let me be the 1st to POP that bubble and bring you hurling back to reality . . . You’re dead too.”

The only time I have a problem with anyone doing anything “bad” to themselves is when it becomes bad for other people. You should maybe consider giving up the cancer sticks if you have children. But not if doing so makes you cranky and shouty at your kids. Would you like your kids to remember you as someone who was great fun to be around but died or someone who was miserable and around for ever.

If when you drink, you turn into a fool, picking fights with everyone and are no fun to be around. You probably should stop drinking. If you have had a liver transplant ahead of thousands of others, you should stop drinking. If you choose to drink a skin full and get behind the wheel of car, you should be shot. However if you enjoy a few pints of a Friday night, have a laugh and cause no trouble drink on. It should be cheaper.

Excesses in excess are always bad. They will kill you eventually. But if you know that and it doesn’t impact on the happiness of others what a way to go. John Entwhistle bass player with The Who died of a cocaine induced heart attack in a hotel room with a stripper who was half his age. Rest assured he died happy.

Churchyard, Hatherleigh

No amount of pro-biotic yogurt can save you from this

Shiny Happy People

“Hi there!! How are you?!! That’s Amazing!! Great!! You have a fantastic day”

Makes you sick doesn’t it.

Now don’t get me wrong, naturally happy bubbly people are great to be around. There are people who genuinely care as to the well being of their fellow man. The few people I have met who are truly like that enriched my life no end. (One person in particular was so genuine her outward beauty wasn’t lost on me either.. hmm… oh. Yes writing) I will never be a happy bubbly guy.

I am a miserable curmudgeon. However if I enquire about your well being it is truly genuine. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t ask. There does seem to be a trend for faux caring or concern. Fake over familiarity is a close relation to this phenomenon, I’m looking at you Starbucks. My name? Why yes.. it’s Rancid Overpriced Koffee.

This over positive fraud does not enrich the world. You look deep into the eyes of the perpetrators when they are saying “HI THERE!” for the 50th time this hour, they are dead inside. They know you know their greeting and well wishes are not meant. They go home and kick their cat, just to balance out the negative yang to the plastered on ying smile they show throughout the day.

There are occasions where even the frauds are genuine but just like the boy who cried wolf it’s very difficult to believe them. I’m not even sure if they believe it themselves. I used to know a guy who when you asked him how he was he’d always say “Amazing” first time I asked I thought wow that’s good. By the third time I thought OK. There was no forth time. I stopped asking, after all if you are going to lie what is the point. Thing is, something fantastic may well happen to him one day, when it does there will be no reaction from anyone he tells. His Amazing has become everyone elses “OK thanks”

Communication is precious. It is more powerful than weaponry or money. Every single fake emotion you dilute your in to communications makes your opinions or messages you try to communicate get less and less valid. Until eventually no one listens and all you are left with is hollow vacuous meaningless “That’s Fantastic”

Have a nice day now. It’s amazing that you read this.

By KenBerthold (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

It’s All About Money

Do me a favour? You know you want to..
Dip your hand in your pocket/handbag and pull out your wallet/purse. Any luck you’ll have some money in there.. Now send it to me.. No! (well if you want to) If you have folding money just take a second to look at it.

Now what is it? Depending on what type of person you are your brain may have said “it’s a fiver” or “it’s a 10 dollar bill” or “it’s a worthless euro” or… you could say “It’s a bit of paper” be it green and uniform in size (how do blind americans cope? Talented guide dogs?) or grey and differing in size depending on it’s “worth” If you actually look closely they are little works of art, pictures of great leaders, royalty or inspirational figures, that we never look at.

That piece of paper in your hand has caused more deaths than any weapon, any illness, or pandemic. People will do anything for it, governments will even trade in computer representations of it. Don’t worry this is not a big anti-capitalist rant, firstly because I cannot see any workable alternative and it would be hypocritical of me to type such a rant on a Apple Mac, as it would be for me to live blog from a anti-capitalist rally via a iPhone.

The monetary system is flawed. The quest for survival effects all species in the universe, and as human beings our definition of surviving differs greatly. Some feel they can survive on a small budget with a modest house, some need lots of cash and would put their own Grandma on ebay to get it.

This post comes out of a conversation I had many moons ago. I said I would quite happily take a pay cut to do a job I enjoy. My friend said this was mad as we get paid too little anyway. He was right, we did (and still do) get paid a pittance but as long as I can eat and afford to give my family modest Xmas presents money isn’t the main driver for me. For some folks it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I worry about money. We all do. If you have a lot, you worry about not having a lot or how you can get more and if you have none, you worry about where you are going to get some, or how you are going to eat! But as we head into the new year some of us will get new jobs with larger salaries. I urge everyone to ask themselves “will I enjoy this job?”, not “I’ll enjoy the things I have as result” Maybe if you enjoy what you do you’ll get those things.

An emotionally prosperous New Year to one and all.