Katie Price

Legacy Boobs

Looking back at 2012 (I know early March 2013 is a strange time to do it) Great Britain had lots to be proud of. Particulary in the sporting arena with the Olympics and Paralympics being a huge global success as the spotlight shined on many athletes.

None moreso than the British. They were used to promote London 2012 pre games and most excelled during it giving the country a record breaking hawl of medals and several occaisions to remember. We even managed to break new boundaries by winning gold outside of our traditional “strong events” step forward womens Flyweight boxer Nicola Adams.

Adams, a true role model for kids. An advert for what you can achieve with a little natrual talent and a lot of hard work and dedication. She is also well spoken (none of your footballers “y’know” every other word) attractive and if reports are to be believed very down to earth and easy to work with. If you wanted someone to promote boxing related accessories or fashion, there’s your number 1 candidate. Even though I don’t agree with celebrities and sports stars cashing in. This is the pinnicle of Adams career, time to earn some well deserved money to reward her effort and sacrifices.

Lonsdale the clothing company. Have mixed boxing equipment and fashion since 1960 when it was founded. Boxing and martial arts, kitted out by Lonsdale London. It was accuired by Sports/Fashion retailler Sports Direct in 2002 and has continued links with boxing and sort out new opportunities by providing the football kit of Blackburn Rovers amongst others. Given that 2012 was such magnificent sporting year for Team GB. Who is on their promotional placards in Sports Direct shop windows. Which role model to young girls everywhere?

Amy Childs from TOWIE


She has a yellow belt in judo and huge fake tits, so yes in modern britain this and this alone qualifies her to be a sporting spokesperson. However the average viewer of TOWIE probably doesn’t know anything about the Olympics “Mo Farrah.. he was in 9/11 werent ‘e”

This is not a dig at Amy Childs, this dumb as a box of rocks barbie doll, does have a quite likeable quality on the odd times I happen to have seen her on TV. She is just taking the money some excutive at Sports Direct is offering her. He probably wants a go on her tits and has mother issues. He has done his job and can continue happily masturbating over Ms Childs publicity pics.

I feel sorry for the female youth of today. We have a media that continually robs them of genuine role models and instead presents Amy Childs, Katie Price and Kim Kardasian as an alternative A silcon enhanced barbie generation, that sets the “legacy” goals of London 2012 back to the dark ages.