(BDYBIS) Armed Police

The Police in the UK are for the most part un-armed. It’s a dangerous job but given the recent shootings of Police officers in Manchester is it time for Police to be armed?

Well, my opinion for what it’s worth is no.

In America if you want to rob a 7/11 you have to take a gun, if you are a pimp you have to have a gun, if you basically want to commit any kind of crime you need a gun. If you go in un-armed you know the Police are going to turn up with all the might of Mr Smith and Mr Wesson. So at any crime scene every side has a gun, a lethal weapon than could end life in milliseconds.

In the UK there is armed crime but there are less guns. Over this side of the pond knifes and baseball bats are more widely used. Whilst this isn’t good and these weapons can be lethal they are less likely to prove fatal than a gun. Criminals know that getting tooled up for a job doesn’t have to mean a gun for self projection against the Police, because the Police won’t have the upper hand with a gun or 3 arriving at the scene.

It goes without saying that any life lost as a result of a shooting is a tragedy. Let alone two young Police officers shot in the line of duty. But I cannot see how introducing more weapons into the powder keg situation that is a crime scene will result in anything but a further loss of life