Freak Show

The bearded lady, Tom Thumb, mermaids, lobster boy,Lazarus Colloredo and Joannes Baptista Colloredo , elephant man. Peter Crouch..

All freaks!

By Agnieszka Mieszczak (Cropped from Image:Liverpool Crouch.jpg) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

All freak show acts from down the ages, well aside from Peter Crouch (who unbelievably has lots of International Caps for England.) End of the pier type attractions who carved out a living with old time carnivals or circus side shows. The popularity of these attractions declined over the years, through advances in medical science and the hold of the political correctness movement.

Yes it’s wrong and un-sophisticated to point and stare, in the modern world of iPads and “Idol” we are too evolved as humanity to need to throw money at the hirsute lady. Yes we now accept her into society and she has a “normal” life with a good job, loving husband and 2.4 beautiful children. Everyone is happy.

This wonderful woman enjoys TV, her favourite shows are Extraordinary People, Two Ton Teen, I Used to be Fat, Kellie: The Girl Who Played with Fire and Small Teen, Big World. Yes Brenda the bearded lady goes in for the documentaries in a big way.

They are not documentaries as I remember them. In the 1980’s because I watched far too much TV I watched documentaries on a great number of things. Channel 4 had Despatches, BBC had Panorama and ITV World in Action or the action packed The Cook Report. Each fronted by journalists of the day, each presenting the facts in a unemotional way, each although having an agenda and a message leaving the viewer to make up their mind based on facts presented. Telling you something you didn’t know.

Documentaries now, encourage you to point and laugh from the comfort of your own home, under the guise of “watching the brave boy/girl as they struggle to be accepted” in fact as the compassionate voice over says that you are busy sat there pissing yourself as the fattest guy you ever saw has to get a fork lift and a mirror to check his nutsack.

Documentaries have had their territory eaten into over the years. Reality shows now rule the roost, I remember watching a compelling film about a guy who had been sentenced to death, he didn’t do it but the witness who could save him refused to speak out and the guy got the chair. If that aired tomorrow people would expect a phone vote, or at the very least some harrowing music, which would then be available for download on iTunes after the show had finished.

Tabloid TV documentaries serve no purpose. Except to be the modern day PC freak show. If the TV producers wanted their subjects to have a normal life why stick a TV camera over their shoulder, why not make a proper well balanced film about something interesting and donate money made to charity? Oh yeah where the fun in that.