Poem: Gravy Train (Bitter)

Am I me, the me with the tie.
Or are we four conspirators in one big lie,
Dressed in fresh suit,
Beard neatly trimmed,
The hour of judgement about to begin,
Hypothetical scenarios,
For which I have incorrect answers,
From across the desk shoots judgemental glances,
“If black was white and the sky was the sea”,
“But it’s not” Say I. “same as you are you, and not me.”
“But if this was that and that was this..”
There, right there, is the point I missed.

If all your questions are not as they seem,
All this pantomime may well be a dream,
Don’t judge me from that side of the table,
I am a person, not a label,
I’m not playing the game anymore,
With people who don’t acknowledge the score,
Corporate world, built on a game,
Let me off the of gravy train.

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Poem: iWish My Brain Was Like My iPod

iWish my brain was like my iPod,
Designed by Jonny Ive,
Everything stored in memory,
Keeping me alive,
iCould plug my brain in,
To sync with something new,
If it turned out not quite right,
I’d simply click Undo.
If my brain was like my iPod,
I could Pause and Play,
Skip to find the bits I like,
And let the rest just fade away.
If my brain was like my iPod,
All scuffed up and abused,
It surely is the off function,
That would be most often used.


Poem: Canary

Every year the chillers break,
Every year us workers bake,
Yes it is a sweaty mess,
On the corporate ladder to success,
It’s hard to have blue sky thoughts,
When you are sitting in your boxer shorts,
Sweaty arms, sweaty back,
Sweaty balls, sweaty crack,
Windows you can’t open or close,
Farts from the 80’s all in your nose,
It’s like this throughout the seasons,
Wash everything for hygiene reasons,
Melting hot Summer,
Drafts in the Fall,
Frostbite in Winter,
Spring never happens at all,
Corporate patsies, uniform lines,
Swear they had it better down the mines,
You think I’m joking? Take back what I said?
We had a Canary here. It’s definitely dead.

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Poem: Different Mirrors

I need to get away,
Need to run and hide,
To take a rest,
Breathe deep.
Close my eyes..
The darkness does not save me,
Eyes closed real tight,
Everything is just the same, but without the light,

Wherever I go,
However far,
I hear the same voice,
See the same words written,
Etched in time, too late to erase,
Incessant rambling.
The same fool, same face,
Just different mirrors.



Poem: A Week of Summer

The sun will beam on high,
And time will move on quickly by,
A fleeting glance, Hello, Goodbye,
In my week of summer,

A visitor from a far off place,
With heavenly body and transcendent face,
Company with style and grace,
In my week of summer,

A star that burns bright it quickly fades,
After just that week she’ll fly away,
I hope my angel returns one day,
For more than my week of summer.

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Late Night Poem: Beauty



True beauty,
Never knowing, for certain,
Vanity is sure,
Vanity perpetuates a myth,
A lie said often enough,
Stupid believe.
Vanity is fleeting
Beauty is understated,
Beauty is natural
Effortless, eternal,
She is beauty


(WMB4X) Poem in the Key of Arrgh

Where oh where are my damn keys,
I really need them see,
Have they fallen under the fridge again.
Where can those bastards be?

How can they go astray,
They are less mobile than me,
It’s not like they have gone rock climbing,
Where can those bastards be?

The door is locked I can’t get out,
They have made a prisoner of me,
Am I here whilst they are partying,
Where can those bastards be?

I’ve turned my house upside down,
I have a door but I can’t unlock it,
Now it looks like I’ve been robbed,
Oh, the fuckers are in my pocket.


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(WMB4X) The Anti-Poem

What you are about to read is a garbled mess. A mere transfer of thoughts to keyboard, a poem is the closest thing I can think of to describe it. If I win the booker prize this is the piece that will be worth millions.

Is the person speaking confidently surrounded by others, ticking the correct boxes laughing at the right bits, secretly scared that the person sat in the corner going their own way is right. When does keeping up and keeping pace stop us from being who we are.

Are the popular mean to those less socially endowed because they know it is them who can see the mask slip. From afar.

Is it easy to be the outsider?
Not confined. Going it alone. Very much alone. Does solitude make someone strong?
Strong enough to be scared shitless by every day. Scared by the hair thats out of place, the misplaced smile.

Confidence knocked by the (seemingly) confident. Those who are screaming inside, living a lie. Surviving.
Is survival enough?
For the nomadic trail blazer or for the confident fraudster.
Is there not pressure to achieve for both? Make something of yourself. For what? No-one knows for sure.

No-one knows the right or wrong path, the correct way. The correct thing to say, it’s a myth. We all just wing it some better than most. Some quoting holy ghosts. We just all do what feels right (right now) the past is gone no changing that, the future isn’t here just yet, so it’s not available for fuck up or triumph (Both of which will be short lived)

So.. if you are scared. We all are too. Just people better at bluffing than you.

Visit the Resident Weeble, who hasn’t had anything that I’ve been on.

Poem: Rebel


Poem: The Snitch



The snitch is oh so eager,
To report to Miss,
So he’ll get a house point,
Or even steal a kiss.
Not on the lips,

Snitch working the way,
To the top of the class,
By Kissing some butt
Being a pain in the arse,

If we were still at school,
His point I could almost see,
But this is an working office,
And I’m almost thirty three,