(WMB4X) 5 TV Cops

I was watching Life On Mars earlier so here for no reason other than the fact the Internet loves lists and in no particular order. Are a few of my favourite TV cops.

1. Gene Hunt, Philip Glenister (Life On Mars)
Trust the Gene genie. Life on Mars and spin off Ashes to Ashes were both superb shows, true event TV in a era of nothingness. DCI Hunt was the closest thing you would get to a ‘coppers copper’ taking bad guys off the streets in any way he thought got the job done. His dry Manchester wit made this show for me. I laughed for 10 solid minutes at this. Un-PC yes. Offensive no. If you have not seen this show. It’s on Netflix in all it’s glory.

Another three words from me on the US remake of the show. Fuck. Right. Off.

2. Sarah Lund, Sofie Gråbøl (Forbrydelsen AKA The Killing I-III)
Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows how much I love this Danish show (it’s almost their best export beaten only by Bacon) I have not yet seen all three series of this yet and that’s why it doesn’t get it’s own blog piece. Lund is very observant, and seems to always pick the correct line of questioning that her male counterparts miss. She has a dysfunctional social life and is rather stereotypically “married to the job” but in the TV climate of TOWIE etc it’s great to have not only a show with a compelling story arc but a very strong female lead.

I haven’t watched the US version of this. Largely thanks to the mental scars gained from Life on Mars US. Forbrydelsen I & II are available again on Netflix (who are not paying me by the way)

3. Andy Sipowicz, Dennis Franz (NYPD Blue)
The marvellous NYPD Blue. Sipowicz like Gene Hunt is an old style police man. He gets bad guys, not the fittest or the fastest not the most PC in early seasons. Dennis Franz portrayal made this show infinitely watchable, a flawed character a diamond in the rough. I wish I’d watched more of these but in the UK Channel 4 buried them in the schedules, I remember one of the later seasons starting at 2am. In the days before Sky+ meant NYPD blue got me in trouble with my Mum come the morning when I couldn’t get up for school.

4. Patrick Jane, Simon Baker (The Mentalist)
Not strictly a police officer but it’s my list and I can include who I want. Red John killed his family, largely because Jane was passing himself off as a psychic on TV. Jane sees the error of his ways and leaves the facade behind in pursuit of his families killer. He does it with such charm and humour too. Ticks so many boxes for me.

5. Inspector Morse, John Thaw (Inspector Morse)
Colin Dexters epic English gentleman copper with a love of Opera (not the web browser) and real ale. From a era when ITV made good shows. Morse has a special place in my heart, as the one show the teachers let me and my friend stay up and watch whilst we were on a school trip. Morse is a miserable old sod. Bit like a vastly more intelligent version of me really.

So there you have it? I bet I’ve missed some out, please hurl abuse at me below.

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(28DW) Fiction: White Swann

Her lifeless body laid out in front of DCI Swann. Her dark red hair cascading back onto the floor, she was dressed in a fluffy white towelling robe that once covered her ensemble of cream coloured basque, stockings and suspenders. The robe was now open wide. She had a solitary stab wound just above her right breast, her blood now mixing in-between the freckles on her ivory skin. She had slash marks on her arms where she had put up a fight.

Her expensive choice of underwear was unlike the apartment in which DCI Swann was standing. The paint on the walls was peeling, the room was lit by a solitary uncovered light bulb. Curtains were a luxury which was absent this room, a purple tie-dyed throw was suspended over a power cord which had been fastened to the window frame as a substitute. DCI Swann perched awkwardly on the edge of the well used brown leather chair which was the only seat in the room. (more…)

(BDYBIS) Armed Police

The Police in the UK are for the most part un-armed. It’s a dangerous job but given the recent shootings of Police officers in Manchester is it time for Police to be armed?

Well, my opinion for what it’s worth is no.

In America if you want to rob a 7/11 you have to take a gun, if you are a pimp you have to have a gun, if you basically want to commit any kind of crime you need a gun. If you go in un-armed you know the Police are going to turn up with all the might of Mr Smith and Mr Wesson. So at any crime scene every side has a gun, a lethal weapon than could end life in milliseconds.

In the UK there is armed crime but there are less guns. Over this side of the pond knifes and baseball bats are more widely used. Whilst this isn’t good and these weapons can be lethal they are less likely to prove fatal than a gun. Criminals know that getting tooled up for a job doesn’t have to mean a gun for self projection against the Police, because the Police won’t have the upper hand with a gun or 3 arriving at the scene.

It goes without saying that any life lost as a result of a shooting is a tragedy. Let alone two young Police officers shot in the line of duty. But I cannot see how introducing more weapons into the powder keg situation that is a crime scene will result in anything but a further loss of life