Pope Benedict

(28DW) Pope on a Rope

OK the title of this doesn’t really have much to do with the content, but what the hell it’s got a nice ring to it. Pope Benedict XVI has today announced his intention to resign as Pope at the end of the month. He is the first Pope to do this in over 600 years. He says he is too frail to do the job. Whilst he is probably right, it does raise several religious questions for me the atheist.

Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t the Pope supposed to be the direct line into the thoughts and wishes of God. Defender of the catholic faith. I dunno about you religious types but doesn’t that bring into question the healing power of God, I mean the Pope was chosen by men acting in the best interests of God. So for him to give up saying “I’m a bit knackered” is to me a bit worrying, after all if there was anyone sure to be looked out for by God, then it’s his right hand man The Pope.

Also now Pope Ben has resigned, does that mean that he can no longer use the God hotline. What if God actually prefers talking to him over the new guy. He tells him different things and makes the new guy look silly. Additionally as Pope Ben was appointed to do God’s work wouldn’t he be slightly concerned at this point as he hasn’t actually done what God asked. “Do the job until you die, theres a good chap”. I dunno whats worse in God’s eyes a man being in a committed and loving relationship with lets say…. another man or asking one man to do a job…. and then him giving up half way through. I know which I’d be more pissed off at.

As I say I do think Pope Benedict has made the right choice, because Pope John Paul (George and Ringo) carried on ’til the bitter end and to listen to him talk was rather like listening to Rowley Birkin QC. Cardinals had to poke him to keep him awake. They need to appoint a new younger Pope, someone to take Catholicism forwards, someone to have the bollocks to rid the church of all the Nonces and outdated prejudices people hold in the name of organised religion.

Religion can be a good thing, it can bring out the best features of human nature, however it can also protect those who project humanity in it’s worst possible light. I hope the new Pope is able to do something about this. Until then..

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