(BDYBIS) The Last….

So then, this is the last Ba De Yah post. At least for this year, I could do another one tomorrow but that would be most misleading. So as a slightly tongue in cheek saying went back in the days when I liked my job “every day is a learning day” so what have I learnt from the BDYBIS experience.

Well I feel a little bit more like a aspiring writer now. I know millions of people do the same thing but it’s been nice to spout crap solidly for a month. I know that I can write reasonable things when I’m slightly drunk, I know that I get much more hits if I write about breasts. It astounds me that people still Google for porn, c’mon people, start at and work down.

I’m pleased that I managed to do what I set out to do do. Get a few more followers but more importantly actually try to write something however pointless everyday. I know that I couldn’t do this every day for a year as some do. At times I have felt I have been scraping the barrel. So thank you dear followers, friends for sticking with it.

It’s been an eventful month, which has helped. Although I wish iOS 6 had been a little less blog worthy. On the brink of my third restore now. I’m still an Apple fan boy, but unless you have the latest kit I am now a little less confident in the belief that everything will “just work” I will be getting the iPhone 5 in February so stay tuned for my thoughts (months behind everyone else’s) then.

So what of the future of Sudo One. Well I have few more project ideas. I may do another blog-a-day month in early 2013, maybe joined by some of my followers. The best thing about this as it has me enjoying my writing again. Thank you everyone for every single like, view or comment I have received, and if you found me by looking for porn but read something anyway, let me shake your hand… no the other one.

Thanks to all subscribers/followers and all my friends in real life who have put up with me dramatising or putting in prose events in our life. Your support for this and other ventures will not be forgotten.

Ba De Ya.

Ba de ya: Blogging in September (BDYBIS)

Ok I know there are several blog-a-day things out there lots of those go for a whole year. 365 blog pieces a year. Well good luck with that. I want my bits to be interesting, informative and entertaining. As a general rule of thumb one outta three ain’t bad (one less than Meat Loaf but hey he’s a big guy) A month therefore is a better period of time to try.

So I’ve decided to try and write something for everyday of September. I figure it will be a good month, what with the Paralympics and Apple launching the iPhone 5 (Which won’t be called the iPhone 5… if it is I’ll eat my MacBook)

So this is a gentle introduction piece. Ba de ya?

Earth Wind and Fire. I was never a disco guy. But I do listen to podcasts, and have stolen the Ba de ya from Mac OS Ken. Who opened his daily Apple News podcast with that song throughout the whole of September last year. So I thought I’d write a little piece on essential podcasts for a guy like me.

Mac OS Ken:
15 or so minutes of Apple News, presented by Ken Ray, useful for anyone who wants to keep abreast (ha!) of all the new ways Apple made money the previous day. This guy does it with a fair bit of sarcasm and humour too, no mean feat when lots of corporate news involves coverage of earnings calls.

Another Mac One now..

Mac Geek Gab:
Embrace your inner geek for an hour and a half every week. Presented by Dave Hamilton and John F Braun of the Mac Observer. Everything I know about the Mac, that I haven’t learnt from Apple employees, I’ve learnt from these guys. Got a mac issue, contact them at thats (You’ll get that reference if you listen.)

Comedy next.. oh yes where I get my wit from.

The Danny Baker Show:
One of the most talented broadcasters of a generation. Millwall fan and writer of countless things you have laughed at. This is the podcast of his Saturday morning show on BBC Radio 5 Live. Even if you hate sport there is something of wonder to be found. Baker is willing to take risks with radio.

Richard Herrings Leicester Square Theatre Podcast:
Richard Herring one half of 90’s comedy duo Lee and Herring. Whilst the former has gone on to great critical acclaim Richard Herring has largely sat under the comedy radar this series features interviews (in the loosest possible terms) with Tim Minchin, Stewart Lee and Jonathan Ross amongst others.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe:
I’ve written several pieces on my love of the work of James Randi Educational Foundation. The Skeptics Guide to the universe podcast is produced in association with JREF and is a dose of reality in a world made of bullshit.

This is a cross section of my podcast taste. There are podcasts available for all tastes. If you have an iPod and have only used it for music, you are missing out. Give podcasts a go. They are mostly free and thanks to iTunes you don’t have to miss a single one.

Careful though they are addictive. Ba de ya.