(28DW) The Cat Sat on the Mat

What does the writer do, when he cannot think of anything of which to write? He writes about writing of course. Although I do not consider myself to be a writer, I have never been paid for writing anything. I have a feeling though if that never changes I will always write, as I have always done. Just for me.

I say always done. I can remember writing stories when I was very young. I guess when other kids reached for the easel and paints to paint that picture I was always more inclined to reach for the pen (or crayon) and write. Thinking about it this may tie in with the disability slightly (oh blah blah poor little spacko boy) you see, and I guess this is the same for all who can’t draw, the picture I had in my head never came out the way I wanted it. Hands wouldn’t quite move with the control required. However with my writing I was able to express myself in exactly the way I wanted.

“The Cat sat on the mat…” was how my first critically acclaimed masterpiece started. When I say critically acclaimed, I mean my teacher when I was 8 and by masterpiece I mean, part of creative writing. We had these creative writing folders you see, I’d written this story at home (swot) and I had brought it in to show the teacher. (Suck up) She said I could include it in my folder. So I went over to my tray, found my folder and slipped it inside.

Pauline Eccles [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The next day I looked through my folder only to find my story had gone! Shock horror OMG (before OMG existed, actually I coined the phrase, although it was supposed to be Oh Manuscript Gone, not sure how God got involved) I searched, I asked my friends. Then I found it on my teachers desk. I took it (it was mine, not like it was in a drawer or anything) and put it back in my folder. Next day.. it disappeared again.

I searched again. But to no avail. Then mid-afternoon, English, Creative Writing. Teacher says she has something to read to the class. It’s my story.. why? It started in that really mundane way, but as I recall my lead character stepped on the mat and followed the cat into this mystical world. Yes similar to Alice and white rabbit but with no paedophilic overtones. She thought (my teacher not Alice) my story was so good she wanted the rest to have a go.

Thats the writing highlight thus far!! I did try to write a novel when I left school, but life happened, had to get a proper job. At least I was able to pass on this strange idea I had about a boy wizard.. Never did find out what happened to Larry Plotter..

Still on with the blog…

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