The Wall

The FA vs The Disabled

I should be delighted. I’ve had a pretty good week. (I’m not bragging there is a point)
On Sunday 15th May I went to the O2 in London to see Roger Waters perform The Wall.

As you can’t see from my photo, it was awesome, I would recommend it to anyone even if you hate Roger Waters/Pink Floyd/Walls/Bricks. Part of thing that made the show so good was the fact that I was able to sit with my very good friends, within the excellent disabled section at the O2. (In previous blogs I have mentioned my disability, here I am doing it again)

Since 1994 I have attended various gigs/events at all types of venues. During that time the accessibility to venues has improved no end, also most provide a discount on ticket prices to enable you to be accompanied by what most venues call “a carer” I am lucky enough not to require a carer but am happy to take the discount and by accompanied by what most people call “friends” At the most recent gig, I brought two such unfortunates to the O2 and sat with them throughout. Which brings me to the second reason to be happy.

Yes Reading FC (my punishment of choice) have reached the playoff final at Wembley. Today me and my Dad went to The Mad Stad to get tickets. I thought it would be good also to bring The Resident Weeble along too to put to bed the jinx he has on Football teams which he is supporting. After about 40 mins, we got to the ticket window:-

Dad: Disabled, Carer and One full adult ticket please

Ticket Guy: I’ll be right back


TG: I have been told by Wembley that I can sell you that adult Ticket but it will be upto 5 blocks away

Me: Thats a crock of shit.

Yes the FA in their infinite wisdom, don’t want my money. They assume that disabled people only have one friend. To clarify my ticket is a mobility impaired one. Which means, a normal seat, not even at the end of a row. Just cheaper!! Wembley are unable to sell me the seat next to me. Why am I fussing?

Well it’s ok for me, as I stated I do not need a carer. However those who do, may have children they would like to bring to such a showcase event. So now they have to choose, because they cannot sit with their kids and carer, and lets just say it might be considered inappropriate for a 10 year old child to act as a carer to assist in bathroom trips. Yes the tickets are discounted but when presented with such a choice the tickets may as well be 6 times full price. It effectively excludes them from the event.

The O2, Earls Court, Wembley Arena, Wembley Stadium (for gigs!) Queens Park Rangers FC, Hammersmith Apollo. All let me have more than one person accompany me. The third person paying fully. Why then is this option not open to me now?

I will find out and post again. Like it’s something the big wide world should care about.

PS: I got my ticket. C’mon URZ! (sorry RW)