World View, to Dream a Dream.

Different folks have different ways of looking at things. Obvious statement of the year, well probably but I haven’t done anything on this blog for a while and I thought it best to tackle something obvious!

Some folks live a day at a time, others plan everything to the finest degree. Whilst I am certainly towards the planning end, i have no real master plan. No five year goal, no yearning for yachts by the time I’m 35. Bit of luck really as thats only two years away and I currently would be very surprised if I had more than £2.50 in my bank account. Toy yacht maybe!

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” Sang Mr Lennon. How true, there are lots of people who dare to dream. Often from a young age, people wanna win Wimbledon (yeah like thats gonna happen to anyone British.. what? He didn’t..) or they might wanna marry a footballer or a supermodel or even less superficially find a cure for cancer. These dreamers, focus on that dream. Live it 24/7. Won’t let up until it rests in their metaphorical sweaty palm. Good for them.

But is this dream chasing, long term goal setting really such a good way to live? Focus is one thing, but by it’s very nature it leads us not to value where we are in life or value the things we have currently over the things we might gain in the future. I’m not just talking about possessions or opportunities here either. People too can be picked up or shunned to fit in with a persons master plan, friendships. partnerships, marriages. All changed to chase those stars.

So, because of the dream. Just the dream, no concrete facts. You’ve turned down that great offer of work in Dubai because that dream is to work in San Francisco. Or you divorced your wife because she won’t have that third child you dreamt of. Who is to say that opportunity in Dubai wouldn’t have made you happier than San Fran. Who’s to say the new girlfriend you find yourself with is going to be able to have kids.

Live life.
Dream, if you want. Make sure that dream doesn’t close you off from what you have. That dream may be nowhere near as good as you thought and it may lead to you missing out on something better than that dream could ever be.

MK Dons vs The Real Dons

Yes it’s a football post. But even those of you who aren’t fans of the beautiful game maybe interested in this so stick with it.

Pretend for a moment that a cornerstone in your life disappeared, a thing you like to do with your friends every week upped and moved away overnight. 70 miles (or so) by road away. Meaning that to do your thing, you faced a 140 mile round trip and 120 minutes in the car. You’d be pretty annoyed. Particularly if your chosen thing had been around for a good time in the local area, being successful.

In 2001 Pete Winkelman decided to move Wimbledon FC to Milton Keynes, a relatively new town with no football club of any note. In their old guise Wimbledon had won the FA Cup against all the odds beating the then all powerful Liverpool in a memorable Wembley final. Wimbledon have always been the ultimate underdog story, at times homeless, but striving with almost a English war time spirit to survive. The crazy gang era of the 80’s and 90’s started the careers of Vinny Jones and Denis Wise, two of the original “love to hate” characters that set the English game apart from the more polished La Liga or Serie A.

I have just watched the new Wimbledon, AFC Wimbledon founded in 2002 by fans after their club was ripped away from them, lose to MK Dons (what their Wimbledon became) 2-1 in the FA Cup. AFC Wimbledon has risen from the bottom of English football to reach the forth tier in a remarkably short time. This FA cup meeting was the first in the two clubs history.

As I watched on the TV I was amazed by how many fans MK Dons have. I know football is popular and people will watch games on park lands all over the UK but most Football Clubs here are older than America! Families go back generations supporting the same club, it’s part of peoples DNA a religion of sorts. One based on blood sweat and tears rather than lies and conjecture mind.

I have to come clean here. I am the football equivalent of a born again christian. Until I was 14 I supported Tottenham Hotspur, despite living in Reading. I regret this. My family had a tradition of supporting Spurs so I went with it. In 1994 I went to Elm Park with my Dad, since that day I have been loyal to my home town club. Back to MK…

Who are these people? Who did they support before? Did they even like football? Watching them celebrate their teams win is rather like watching a football movie, someone yelled action and all the crowd extras jumped up and down. Actors for hire. This might be unfair, but football is a game steeped in tradition. A badge of honour, cliche but a truism, for all the changes in Football from being a working mans game to the big business opportunity it has become, the fans remain just as their fathers and grandfathers did. Just paying more money.

MK Dons, there but for the grace of God go I.

Promotion 2012.. or 1912

Promotion 2012.. or 1912